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A great way to stay fit, meet interesting people, see Tropical
North Queensland and enjoy the benefits of being self employed

Hi, my name is Peter.

As proprietor of Marlin Coast Pedicabs, I have had the privilege of seeing the ups and downs of this small business from many angles over the last few years, and remain convinced that what we have, is a fantastic means of offering ;

Image A healthy way of show the young travellers of today that this is a viable and fun opportunity to discover the great benefits of self-employment.

Image A way to meet people you would not ordinarily meet. I have met Alan Bond, John Travolta, and some much more famous aliens.

Image An alternative way of becoming, or staying fit, while at the same time earning an income.

Image I personally, made many acquaintances that, after many years, I still have contact with. Not to mention those who have returned to Cairns, and, I hope will remain life-long friends.

What's Happening...
As I see it; the pedicab world in which we find ourselves happily embroiled, is a forever growing business. As such, I see ongoing opportunities for the enerprising pedicab rider.

It is my belief, the day has arrived that a person of positive drive and ambition can earn a healthy income and enjoy the benefits of self-employment while travelling the world.

Since I recently included my business on the "super information highway", I have been amazed at the amount of pedicab operations that exist worldwide -and this is only from what I see on the internet. I know there are many others not yet hooked up.

For example, I now know that there are operations in Berlin, Kopenhagen, San Diego, San Fransisco, Qebec and Montreal. And as far as I know, the biggest operation in the world is in Dublin, where apparently 50 pedicabs are operating - WOW!. I am also aware of operations in Florida that have been around since I was there in 1980, with whom I remain in contact.

Feel free to browse through our pages and learn more about what I believe is a burgeoning industry. You too can be a part of this new pollution free taxi service.

Peter's Signature

Far from being a commercial, this is an invitation.

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